Thursday, May 27, 2010

What's going on???

Hello there!! How is everyone in cyber-space world?? We have been extremely busy, Cory with work, me not so much but lots of other stuff!

Where to begin? Well I and my friend Amanda hosted a bridal shower a few weekends ago. We are both Ms. Denise's maids of honor, I am so glad to be paired up with Amanda she is seriously the sweetest girl in the world! Here is a few pics of the shower....we have been planning and planning and nice to have it done.

The theme was head over heels and Denise's colors are pink and black. So naturally everything was in those colors and high heeled theme. Check out this cake!!!

Here is the room....

And the bride to be!

So excited for the wedding, it is going to be gorgeous!

What else is been going on? Not to much. Have tried to plant a few things outside and they have died. I guess I jumped the gun a little but I'm so excited for growing some good stuff and the pretty flowers!! My tomatoes that are in my grow box are doing wonderful though and have grown I would say 4-6 inches already! Look out-we are going to have some tomatoes this summer! (I hope) ;)

Oh ya, I am still going to Zumba steady and strong! They are starting a class at 5:30 am and I am pretty sure I will be frequenting that also. I really enjoy that class and if I could do it 7 times a week I would! Oh ya, so here is a pic of last nights class...can you spot me? Cory did immediately....sigh...Love him!

Oh ya, also if you are a work out girl/guy like I am trying to be you are going to love this stuff!!

Seriously...check it out. I love it...I look like I have left a sauna after wearing it but it makes the workout seem that much sweeter!

Oh ya and one last thing going to check this out this weekend! So excited ;)

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Anonymous said...

are you wearing the pink top in the front row? the wedding shower looks over the top definitely up town!!! and yes sex and the city 2 still watch the television reruns
hot now in loveland, co almost 90!!!peace to you and njoy your weekend with the kman and cory!
LOve Mom karen and duke