Thursday, May 13, 2010

blah blah blah

Doesn't Kramer find the oddest places to sleep? I actually feel sorry for him but I guess he chooses to sleep like that, I swear he has more room then this if he so chooses :)

Update on cooking!!

I have made a few recipes out of my cookbook and its going well! Last night I brought an anti-pasta to book club and the girls loved it! They were pretty excited about my new mission with cooking the entire cookbook and thought I should also blog about it :) I just don't feel like I have enough to say or am witty enough to do that but I will keep everyone posted!

Next month I host book club and I am super excited! I have a few recipes I will be trying out on all the girls!! Not all of them are from my cookbook challenge but seriously I have about 10 gazillion recipes that I want to try so I can not only make things from the cookbook ;) I get to choose the book since I am hosting that month and I chose Hungar Games. I hope it is pretty good!

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dani said...

hey, that book is on my to-do list-you better write a review! :) i want to be in a book club! *sigh*