Saturday, May 1, 2010

Diet ramblings

When I read this from The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl I had to laugh a little. Because its so true, whenever people are on a diet we want to talk about it! I have been rambling for months now on this blog probably causing people to fall asleep mid-reading of my blog! But that's ok cuz I like talking about it, it makes me feel accountable. This is what she had to say about it:

Talking about Weight Watching at Diary of a Mad Mammy - "I’m not sure what it is about being on a diet that prompts us all to talk about it so much. Maybe because we want people to acknowledge the effort we are going to. Maybe we want to revel in the moments when people tell you they notice a change to the shape of your hips, the girth of your belly or the number of chins you have. Maybe we want people to know that, yes, as much as we may be on the hefty side now, we are doing something about it honest and don’t intend to be gulpens the rest of our days."

So how is my healthy living going? (Notice I am not calling it a diet....a diet just feels to restrictive and everyone falls of a diet eventually) Pretty good, I have lost 11 pounds...only 1 from last month but I did go to Vegas and believe me there was nothing healthy about that! :) I am still pretty proud of my 11 pounds, I am getting pretty close to high school weight which I never really thought would happen. Will I get there? Probably not. But I will take close to that weight ;)