Sunday, August 1, 2010


For some reason I can not figure out where the photobucket has been deleted or moved box came from in the middle of the screen....sorry super annoying. Hopefully I will get it deleted soon!


dani said...

hey cass! 1st, congrats on your garden! that's awesome... i've got a strawberry/raspberry patch and got some this year-i felt so accomplished. ha! :) anyway, the photobucket thing means whatever you were using as your background was deleted, you just need to change the background, i think. :) hope it works!

Slane/Boyer Family said...

yup dani is right the cutest blog either quit doing backgrounds or got rid of a lot...i went to a new spot and got a new one!! Love Ya!!
Oh i don't remember where i went go to my blog and it will tell top left corner love ya