Monday, April 19, 2010

Gooseberry All through the Seasons

It has been decided! I will attempt making every recipe in Gooseberry All Through The Seasons!

I chose this book over my others for the following reasons:

*Gooseberry recipes seem to be a little easier and more realistic to what Cory and I eat. We don't eat duck (Julie & Julia)
** This cookbook and the Christmas one (alot like this book) are my FAVORITES!!!
***I can read and understand these recipes! Plus, I know what the ingredients are. Don't you hate reading a recipe and having no clue what the ingredients are or have a clue where to get them.



Slane/Boyer Family said...

Cassie good luck!! i like the reasons you chose it because it is more realalistic to what you eat..that is smart! :)

Anonymous said...

have a grand time!!!! good choice ducks oily! also a previous comment i love keesha and tick tock is in my head!!! love Mom Karen and duke