Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yeah for grass!!!

The other day Cory noticed our neighbor Frankie putting in sod all by himself so he went over there and helped him. Well Frankie had some grass left and offered to give it to us and help lay it, so now we have a yard!! I am so excited!!! I have been wanting grass/gravel/anything other then dirt for the past 2 years. With the rain and the snow Kramer would bring in dirt anytime there was moisture and make our house a mess. Well problem is now solved cuz we hardly have any dirt in our yard now :) Kramer was very anxious to be my little grass model for a pic for the blog :) He he.

Thank you so much Frankie and Denise!!!


Tiffany said...

congrats. That is one of things I am dreading for when we do finally move. We have 3 dogs and I don't wantn to put up with the dirt and mud.

dani said...

that's great!! k-dog looks SO happy!