Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I love this lady!!!

I am not sure why I am continuing to do this as only one person officially has even been told about it, LOL but anyways~ I have to mention in the hopes of someone reading this boring crap a book I am reading called "Are you there, vodka? It's me Chelsea" I absolutely love it! Here is the first paragraph from the chapter entitled Big Red

After sleeping around for the better part of my twenties, it somehow occurred to me that I wasn't giving everyone a fair shot. There were men I'd encounter who I wouldn't think twice about having sex with based on their appearance alone. I knew that if I ever had a chance at becoming a respectable ambassador I would really have to be more of an egalitarian. I had slept with a handful of black boys in my late teens, and knew that I would have to open my borders further. It was time for a redhead

ha ha....ok some people might not find this type of stuff funny but I find it absolutely hilarious!! She also has another book called "My horizontal life" that it so funny you can't help but have laughing fits outloud!!

Chelsea Handler

My Horizontal Life

Well until next time!!!


danni said...

i have GOT to read these! :)