Friday, June 12, 2009

Offending? I don't think so.

Yep, I am a nerd at heart and I am still in my 'geeky' book club. Actually aside from reading the book each month it is more of a get together with a bunch of ladies eating some goodies and drinking a glass of wine. There really has never been a serious side to the club to say the least. Well last month our book was The Kite Runner and a bunch of the women protested going to book club because the nature of this book. I am not sure why this bothers me but it kind of does. I don't think this book was anymore offending then any other book we may have read. I actually loved the book and have the movie on our Netflix Que so I can see that too. I loved it so much I have already ordered the authors second book. I thought the entire purpose of book club was to get you to read books you may have not read on your own and to expand your horizons. If I have to read about the Amish and others religious beliefs I don't see why they can't read about what happens over in Afghanistan or in any other country too. Anyways~just wanted to vent a little :)

If you don't get offended easily read The Kite Runner it is an excellent book, a bit sad but sometimes life isn't sunshine and flowers.

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dani said...

i'm with you , gal. what's the point of a book club? :)