Saturday, October 11, 2008

Snowfall and nursing

It started snowing Thursday night and is still currently snowing (Saturday evening). I have enjoyed the staying in all snuggled up and getting to finally drink some hot chocolate :)

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However, I wish our Kman wasn't so sick. On Tuesday morning Kramer stumbled upon a cat in our back yard. To cut a story short, it wasn't pretty and I cried a whole lot Tuesday because I knew somebody had lost an important member of their family. The cat didn't make it through the fight....we did find the owner though so she didn't have to wonder where her cat had gone. Anyways~apparently Kramer got bit by the cat on the leg. We had no idea but by Thursday his leg was swollen 3x it size so we called the vet and brought Kramer down there.

I guess cat bites are not pretty, the vet informed us that a cats mouth is the dirtiest mouth out of all animals. Kramers leg is not in good shape. We had to shave all the fur off it because at first we thought he had broken his leg. When we shaved it, it was apparent that he had a horrible infection that would explain his 105 fever.

So, to make a long story kind of short Kramer is now wearing a lampshade aka e-collar to keep him from licking his leg. He has gone back to the vet 3 times now because his leg kept swelling and bleeding everywhere. Today, we have him on 6 pills a day and I am trying to keep a warm towl around his leg to draw the blood and infection out (plus it helps him from getting blood everywhere).

Here is a pic of our Kman :) He is having a rough week but his leg definetly looks better this evening and he can actually walk on his leg so he is starting to get better!!!


Tiffany said...

I am so sorry. I know what it's like to have your dog in bad shape. I hope that he continues to improve. He is such a beautiful dog.

Cory and Cassie Slane said...

Thank you for your concern.
It has definetly made for a very long weekend but he is coming around so that is good :)